Children's Opera

Children's Opera Prague (DOP) is a set of children and young soloists studying singing. She founded it in 1999 on the grounds of his private music school soloist of the National Theatre and a professor of singing at the Prague Conservatory Jirina Markova-Krystlikova. The file currently has a wide repertoire, partly staged in the Italian and German. DOP released eight CDs, Czech Christmas Mass by JJ Ryba, H.  Brundibar Beauty, Little Mozart, Geniuses and children (Smetana, A.  Dvořák, B.  Martinů, L. Janáček), we like Opera, B. Britten The Little Sweep, K. Hasler Clouds sail off into the distance (songs), and J. Uhlíř Z. Svěrák Miniopery. The production of the most famous children's opera Brundibar by Hans Krasa, designed DOP released on DVD. The set was filmed by a television documentary on his work regularly inform the media.

It has found favor with audiences and critics alike, performed at the Vienna Konzerthaus DOP (2004) and Japan's Aichi Expo in 2005 and also in Bayreuth in June 2005. In autumn 2006 DOP successfully performed on tour in Germany with a program of Mozart and small masses Ryba. The production of the most famous children's opera Brundibar by Hans Krasa, the DOP version was presented in February 2007 with great success at the European Opera Days in Paris at the Opera Bastille, where he also held the launch of the CD. In 2008 the festival took place ISME DOP series of performances in the Italian cities, culminating in a performance of Brundibar H. Beauties Teatro Comunale in Bologna. In the fall of 2008, he performed a set with great success in Dortmund with the introduction of Brundibar in 2010 with the same set of opera featured at the festival in Chemnitz, Germany. In May 2012 he performed in Bayreuth with file opening and Wells B. Martinu K. Hašlera songs.

The ensemble regularly performs at the New National Theatre, and also hosted in the Czech cities and successfully performed at the Prague Spring, Smetana and Litomyšl.

DOP also shows works by contemporary composers: J. Boháč, J. Fišer, L. Hurník, J. Drummond, B. Váchal, B. Gregorini, P. Trojan, and J. Uhlíř Z. Svěrák.

DOP has recorded for Czech TV series šestnáctidílný we like Opera, which met with great acclaim and the Czech Christmas Mass by JJ Ryba, which was broadcast on Christmas Day.

On the basis of interest also plays a set of performances for schools and also collaborates with the Foundation Lucie (např. Česká Christmas Mass conducted L. Peškem). Director DOP-Krystlikova Jirina Markova received a prize for musical unity work with children.

On the initiative of DOP was also established by the International Vocal Competition Prague Singer (for participants from 8 to 26 years in five categories).

File annually performs at events for Prague 1 (anti-fascist resistance) and for the City of Prague City Hall.

DOP can continue the work done thanks to grants of Prague and thanks to the help of many benevolent sponsorship partners.